Better WiFi.
In Every Room.

Install the SimpliNET Mesh WiFi System and say Goodbye to dead WiFi zones.
Flood your entire home with fast, strong and reliable WiFi.
The easiest to install and most affordable Mesh WiFi System available today.
Simply connects to the WAN port of your cable modem.
Compatible with all your WiFi devices.

Stronger signal.
No boundaries.

The SimpliNET Mesh WiFi router and Mesh WiFi Range Extenders work together to bring you a strong, fast and reliable WiFi signal throughout any size home. With four ihigh-gain beam-forming antennas inside each SimpliNET unit, the WiFi signal can travel seamlessly through walls to give you WiFi coverage everywhere you need it.

Password-free WiFi
connection for your guests!

SimpliNET GuestLink — Simply touch the top of the Router or Range Extender to allow a guest to temporarily connect to your WiFi, without revealing your password.

Which is right for you?

SimpliNET Mesh WiFi 3-pc System

The set of 1 SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Router and 2 SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Range Extenders, when strategically placed, will provide excellent WiFi coverage for homes of up to 3000–5000 sq. ft.


SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Single Router

The SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Router, centrally placed, will provide excellent WiFi coverage in an area of up to 1500–2000 sq. ft.


SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Range Extenders

Each SimpliNET Mesh WiFi Range Extender, strategically placed, will provide excellent WiFi coverage for an additional area of 1500–2000 sq. ft.


Each Router and Range Extender includes an Ethernet cable, Power adapter and Quick Start App.


  • Business-Class
    Hardware Security

  • Dual Band
    2.4 GHz + 5 GHz

  • Four High-Gain
    Internal Antennas

  • Extended coverage
    with Mesh WiFi
    Range Extenders

  • Automatic
    Software Updates