Using the Web Portal

1 Make sure your computer is connected to the SimpliNET WiFi network.

2 Once connected, open an Internet browser and browse to http://ap.setup

3 Enter your Router password to log in.

The login password is shown on the label at the bottom of the Router.

4 After successful login, you'll be redirected to the Status page.

Advanced configuration options can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of the page.

Set WiFi SSID or password
Manage Mesh Network
2.4G/5G Channel Settings
GuestLink Settings

Router Settings
Network Settings.

Internet Settings
DHCP Settings
Network Tools
Upgrade Firmware

Wizard > Router

Wizard > WiFi Client

You can connect your SimpliNET Router to a third-party WiFi Router without an Ethernet cable.

Wizard > Mesh Network

Manage connected Range Extenders.

Manage GuestLink settings.

Setup > Network Tools > NAT

Port Forwarding allows remote computers (for example, computers on the Internet) to connect to a specific computer or service within your private SimpliNET local-area network (LAN).

Port forwarding can be used to connect two computers together for gaming or allow you to check on a camera in the home while you are away.

Setup > Network Tools > DMZ

DMZ allows you to make part of your network open to access by remote computers (for example, computers on the Internet). DMZ ensures that the public part of your network remains isolated from the private local-area network (LAN).

Setup > Security Management

Setup > LED Control

Use the LED Control page to turn off all the lights on your Router. This is useful if you want the Router or Extenders to operate in dark-mode.

Please wait 30 seconds for the new settings to take effect.

Setup > Backup/Restore Settings

You can save a copy of your Router’s current settings.